Beyond the Course: Vol 5.

Eclipse of a Star: The Anthony Kim Comeback

The career of Anthony Kim perfectly mirrors a solar eclipse. First we see a captivating rise to stardom that fully captures the attention of even the most casual fans. His Ryder Cup performances, on course charisma, exceptional talent, flair, and aggressive playstyle were consistently one of the most interesting storylines to follow. His career was full of promise and in many ways he illuminated the golf world, much like the bright lights of the sun at the onset of an eclipse.

As quickly as he rose, casting a vibrant light of excitement across the golf world - he was gone.

The literal and figurative star that Anthony Kim had become, the electricity and energy he provided to golf fans was growing dimmer as he faded into obscurity. It was like it happened overnight. With all eyes on him, Anthony Kim had completely vanished from the public eye, just as the sun that illuminates the sky vanishes behind the moon. This period of darkness was filled with rumors of comebacks and speculation of injuries, but mostly silence. It was the eerie, dark, calmness during a solar eclipse’s peak. The golf world seemed to have been in a period of suspense and speculation as if a shadow of mystery had been cast over a once luminary figure in the sport.

However the eclipse wasn’t brief. Like the world holding its breath in the dark, the golf enthusiasts awaited, hopes dimming as the eclipse went on.

The longer the darkness persisted, the most it seemed like the light might never return. Eventually you’d become used to it and would only occasionally think about it.

And then, as it always does in an eclipse, the light would be start to peek through on the other side. Anthony Kim’s return to professional golf is akin to that first sliver of sunlight, piercing through the darkness, reigniting the golf world’s hope, excitement, and curiosity. While we’ve only got a glimmer right now, that very glimmer comes with hope, the hope that the brilliance that once captivated fans can be reignited. Will the light that returns on the other side of the eclipse be the same light that entered? Did the light lose some of it’s luster while it was gone? We’ll have these answers in the near future, but one thing is for sure, the light is peaking through on the other side.

Even after the longest eclipse, the light can still return. This week, the light returns.

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